Anonymous asked:
Whats the best way to handle missing a ex partner?

I’m not fully sure that I am qualified to answer this question because I have severely little experience with this, myself but I do have a few thoughts…

I took Skills for Marriage and when we talked about break ups/divorce, my professor talked about allotting yourself a certain amount of time a day to vent about it; if you feel consumed by the thought of your ex, give yourself like 20 minutes a day to vent, which could be journaling too. It allows for you to talk about it but to not overburden yourself or alienate others.

Also, it might help to reclaim the things you love; say you loved an activity and now you think of that person whenever you want to do that thing, do that thing by yourself and/or with other friends to make new memories and pick up new hobbies that you don’t allow to be enjoyable because of any other future partner. I mean, have some things that are just for/about you, and that’s okay to do because you are not obligated to tie all of yourself into another.

It’s cliche, and there’s nothing wrong with that, but even something as simple as a haircut after a break up is refreshing. The point is to dissociate yourself from the ‘us’ you used to be and see the ‘you’ that you are, apart from that person, so doing a little something for the sake of embraced change might help you get back to yourself enough to be okay with being out of that situation. I mean to say, if you always wanted to dye or cut your hair, go ahead and do it. Get a tattoo, a piercing (it’s more temporary if you want it out later), etc. Do. Something that reminds you that you have control of some change and help yourself see all of the change, as well as the distance, as something beneficial for you and your self-journey.

I sincerely hope this helps!







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